Best antenna as seen on TV

The TV antenna is the best way to enjoy your favorite channel without dealing with cable bills. Through it, you can watch several channels without paying for them. These small but mighty equipment tend to connect your TV to several stations.

However, as impressive as these products are, it is vital to get the right one particularly suitable for your location. This is because where the antenna purchased cannot connect to preferred stations for one or two reasons, it becomes a piece of junk to be discarded by its owners.

Without further ado, let’s consider the best antenna as seen on TV:

Top 5 Antenna as seen on TV Reviews

Top 1: BulbHead Free-Way Gold Antenna

The first item on our list is the BulbHead Free-Way Gold Antenna that guarantees you free TV channels for life. With this device, you do not need to worry about paying cable bills, and you also will not miss out on your favorite shows.

This product is a very versatile unit that can be used with your TV almost anywhere. It effectively connects to TVs, whether placed outdoor or indoor. Hence, you can carry your TV to different locations within 30 miles and still enjoy the same clear video display.

Even better, this antenna is designed with gold connectors that can easily connect to far channels without any hassle. Therefore, it can connect to all HD broadcast stations easily. It is also a sophisticated design with luxe gold-plated connectors finish, very comfortable to use with no rabbit ears.

One of the most notable features of this unit is the easy installation process that requires no stress. All you have to do is follow the simple technique and screw your antenna into the cable input located at the back of your TV with no special tools, and it is ready to work. Also, it has a high-quality signal transfer so that you can be sure of a very clear and high definition screen.


  • Easy to install
  • Fancy Design
  • Connect to TV placed as far as 30 mile
  • No outdated rabbit ear


  • Poor connection
  • Requires a converter box to work with old TV

Top 2 – Clear TV Premium HD Mini Mobile Antenna

It is time to discard the cable or satellite, get to watch your local and national channels free without paying cable or satellite bills with this high-definition antenna.

It is straightforward to use and requires no installation process at all; stick your antenna in a window or put it at the back of your standard or flat-screen TV and start to enjoy as many shows as you want.

Its excellent design coupled with functionality makes it a must get for those who love to keep up-to-date on the news, follow several shows and still save a lot of money. It is also very affordable.

To check whether you are missing a channel or not, go to to access the available channels in your area.


  • Crystal-clear 4K definition
  • No installation process
  • Affordable


  • Not very durable

Top 3 – Empowline Full HD Amplified Smart TV Digital Indoor Antenna

Watch 100s of channels and shows free on your TV comfortably with the Empowline Full HD Amplified Smart TV Digital Indoor Antenna that ensures high and clear quality screen display. It is easy to use and install; all you have to do is plug it into the correct port.

With the frequency range 146-176 MHz, you can be sure to enjoy every show vividly with your families and friends. Impressively, you do not need to pay a dime outside the purchase price to enjoy that.

This digital antenna functions as a signal enhancer, so to enjoy its effect, it is recommended that the distance between the channel you love to watch and the signal tower is not too far.


  • Super-easy to use
  • Improve TV definition
  • Affordable to buy


  • Not suitable with far channels

Top 4 – Magic Stick TV – MS-45MAX Multi-Directional TV Antenna     

Another impressive antenna to consider is the Magic Stick TV Ms-45max, known for superior quality. Get to watch your favorite channels along with significant media without having to pay extra bucks. Stay up-to-date with local channels and news.

This model has an optimized reception quality that allows you to connect quickly and fast to signals where the reception of VHF, UHF, and HD TV digital reception is available and easily accessible.

Furthermore, the installation of this device is fast and easy. It is equipped with a mounting disk that can be placed on a frame anywhere, either in your home or even outside on a boat. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor usage and does not require an internet connection to use. Enjoy quality 4k 11080 HDTV on your digital TV without any installation stress or requirement.

Even better, it features a 0.2 thick premium coaxial cable that brings a quality display to your screen and enhances durability while also helping with loss of signal.


  • It comes with a mounting disk
  • Comes with instruction for users
  • High definition property
  • Optimized reception system


  • It cannot be connected by a USB

Top 5 – US Clear TV Key HDTV Free TV Digital Indoor Antenna

Last on our list is the Clear TV Key HDTV Free TV Digital Indoor Antenna that is simply affordable and allows you to enjoy several channels free of charge. After purchasing this product, start by discarding your cable and satellite as you do not need to pay hundreds of dollars to enjoy those shows again.

It is extensively easy to use with no long wire anywhere around your TV. Start using it by plugging it into your TV. Furthermore, it is suitable for outdoor and indoor usage, so be free to enjoy a ride, picnic with your TV right beside you.

It gives a high quality video display on your TV screen that even storms cannot disturb on the boat. As long as you have the power, your access to every channel is guaranteed. 


  • Suitable for outdoor usage
  • Very efficient
  • No serious installation process required


  • It does not work in the mountain

How to choose a TV antenna

If you are set to buy your TV antenna, below are the properties you should check out before the purchase.

Indoor / outdoor

Considering whether an antenna works indoors or outdoors is the first thing to check before buying an antenna. This is directly related to the location you intend to place your antenna. Internal outdoor tends to be very slow in connecting to signals while the outdoor ones can easily connect to different stations.

Also, an outdoor antenna is naturally suitable for outdoor usage, and an indoor one is suitable for a home. There are also some antennas ideal for both outdoor and indoor, like some of those mentioned above.

If you stay at a location with a high signal, then an indoor antenna may be just fine. However, where the signal is low, it is recommended that you go for outdoor ones.

Frequency coverage

Another thing to consider is the frequency coverage, as this directly affects the effectiveness of the antennas. If you are in a country where VHF is available, then an antenna that supports VHF is the one to purchase.

However, where your location requires UHF, then the suitable antenna should support UHF. If you are not sure of the required frequency in your area, you can opt for a wideband log-periodic antenna and tend to be suitable with different requirements.

Gain / directivity

Another parameter of an antenna is its directivity or gain. This is what determines how sensitive the antenna is towards the signal. The higher the directivity, the tendency of the antenna to pick up the weakest signal.

Therefore, irrespective of your location, you may want to go for antennas with higher gain. Importantly, if you stay in an area with a weak signal, you definitely purchase an antenna with higher gain to ensure effectiveness. However, this may affect the level of interference received from other directions.

Note: Gain is calculated in DB or decibels, which is based on logarithms. Therefore, 10db means an increase in gain by 10 folds, while 20 DB implies an increase by 100 folds.


If you have purchased a wrong or weak antenna before, you will understand the frustration that comes with that. Antennas are indeed an impressive way to bypass cable and satellite bills without sacrificing your favorite channels.

However, purchasing a quality and effective antenna is more critical because buying the wrong one means wasting some dollars and still paying cable bills. To ensure that you do not need to go through the confusion and stress of picking the wrong antenna, we provide the list of the best antennas as seen on TV that can effectively connect you to several channels and hope you find the list helpful for your next purchase. 

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